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  • Pure & Vivid Colors

    Our specially formulated DTF inks enable us to print deeper colors and a wider color gamut on our custom DTF transfers. Our color registration is performed to G7 Color Standards certified on a weekly basis for near-perfect machine linearization.

  • Crisp Bright Whites

    The DTF transfers industry's brightest white ink with incredible stretchability. In fact every design, regardless if there is white in it, is underbased with white to ensure that there is never any dye migration -- not even on nylon, polyester, or spandex.

  • No Borders Necessary

    The DTF transfer above is a 4 inch wide print. Look at the incredible detail you can achieve with any design without any connecting background or border on your design. Use DTF transfers in place of vinyl, screen printing, sublimation, and more.

  • Super Fine Details

    DTF transfers can handle down to 3 pixels of detail, which means that it can handle all design accents and small text, even if it's not connected to other parts of the design. The DTF transfer above shows you small text, separated elements, design accents, a registration mark...etc!

  • Same Design on Different Color Products

    No longer do you have to decide what method or what inks you'll use for your DTF transfers. We print with white underbase on each and every one of our DTF transfers, allowing you the flexibility to transfer your designs onto any color or material.